MAKE something you love

What is Let's Make It Academy?

All Courses Include

  • Intro video displaying and explaining sewing project

  • Course handout with learning goals, materials needed, helpful tips and reminders

  • Patterns specifically designed to fit standard 8.5 x 11 printer paper

  • Step-by-step video tutorials guiding you from beginning to end

  • Resources for purchasing suggested materials used in course

  • Learn on your own schedule when & where you want

  • Design accessories to wear & to decorate your home with your style

  • Why Let's Make It Academy is unique:

    • DESIGNER &iNSTRUCTOR: Adriana has taught thousands of young learners to sew. Her unique design background combined with her creative skills & education background, offer you a learning experience not found anywhere else.
    • SIMPLE PATTERNS: Unlike traditional, confusing sewing patterns, our patterns are designed with straightforward and ease in mind.
    • AUTO SAVE:  Courses are saved right where you left off, saving your progress when you log back in.
    • VARIETY: Let's Make it Academy offers a variety of courses for students of all ages & interests. New courses are added monthly.

  • Learn WHEN & WHERE you want!

Still curious?


  • Let's Make It Academy was created for MAKERS of all ages. Courses 1-5 are for beginners who have little to no experience hand sewing and they're FREE! The Fashion Accessories, Home Decor, Pet Accessories, etc. courses are for those who already know how to sew looking to make DIY accessories to wear or for their home and so on! Each course is filled with follow along tutorials and information explaining sewing and other skills involved.

  • As a Middle School teacher, and former toy designer, Adriana wanted to share with all aged learners the skill of hand and machine sewing. Until today, she is surprised to experience young students lacking the ability to tie a knot, thread a needle and other basic hand skills. She assumes this is the result of today's ever-demanding technology focused world. Students no longer practice simple hand skills. Adriana's goal is to teach this life skill in a fun way that engages students to continue to want to learn as they create awesome projects they will be proud of.

  • You may easily view all of the courses images by clicking on "Explore Courses" at the top of the home page. Courses 1-5 begin with the very basics of hand sewing techniques, to hand sewing basic pillows, to larger detailed pillows, to stuffed toys, etc...and they are FREE for you! Browse through the course sections in the dropdown menu under "Explore Course" as well to discover the eclectic collection of courses offered.

  • Yes! In Let's Learn to Hand & Machine Sew, Course 21: Let's Use a Sewing Machine, you will learn how to do just that! Of course if you already know how to machine sew, you can do all of the courses with your sewing machine instead of hand sewing. It's up to you!

  • For courses 1-5, you will need a sewing needle, thread, fabric and scissors. That's it! Adriana covers all this in the tutorials and it's listed in the course handouts too!

  • Some courses are FREE and others are not. For the courses that you decide to purchase, it's a one-time payment only, and then you'll have access to the course.