Let's Make It Academy
  • Course 1: Let's Thread a Needle and Tie a Knot

    Course 1 guides you through the most basic skills of hand sewing. You will practice threading a needle and tying a double knot.

  • Course 2: Let's Sew!

    In Course 2 you will practice the basic running stitch using your hand-eye coordination. You will continue practicing until you can easily sew approximately 5-6 stitches per inch. The running stitch is the most basic stitch used in hand sewing.

  • Course 3: Let's Make a Small Pouch

    In Course 3 you will understand the construction of a simple sewing project by making a small pouch. You will also practice pinning with straight pins and cutting fabrics.

  • Course 4: Let's Make a Simple Pillow

    In Course 4 you will learn how to make a simple square pillow as well as a heart pillow too! You will practice stuffing the pillow and sewing the blind stitch also called the invisible stitch.

  • Course 5: Let's Make an Emoji Pillow

    In Course 5 you will create your very own emoji pillow with your choice of fabrics. You will also cut out and sew felt details to the front of the pillow. Remember you're the designer here so make your emoji pillow just how you want it!

  • Course 6: Let's Make a Fruit Slice Pillow

    In Course 6 you will make a super cute fruit slice pillow. Now don't make it like a typical fruit slice, but make it according to your own personality!

  • Course 7: Let's Make a Sports Ball Pillow

    In Course 7 it's all about the sports pillow! You can make either a baseball pillow or a basketball pillow. But you should really make both! You'll be so impressed with yourself when you finish sewing on the fine details.

  • COURSE 8: Let's Make a Puppy Pillow

    In Course 8 making the cutest puppy pillow ever is the main task! You will learn how to sew on button eyes as well as make the puppy's ears flappy. I know-how cute!!!

  • Course 9: Let's Make a Soccer Ball Pillow

    In Course 9 together we make a cool soccer ball pillow. You will be so proud of yourself after you've learned the simple technique of embroidering the line details on the front of the pillow. The colors and prints of this pillow is up to you!

  • Course 10: Let's Make a Cell Phone Pocket

    In Course 10 it's all about the adorable phone accessory. You'll make a felt owl or puppy design cell phone pocket to dress up your phone.

  • Course 11: Let's Make Fabric Flowers

    In Course 11 you'll be making flowers galore! You'll learn how this intricate-looking flower is super simple to make. You'll also add a button or jewelry embellishments to the center for that extra wow!

  • Course 12: Let's Make a Lunch Tote with Utensils Pouch

    In Course 12 you'll sew your very own lunch tote with utensils pouch. Make it amazing with your choice of fabric that coordinates with what you love! Your friends will definitely ask you where you got that tote because they'll want one too!

  • Course 13: Let's Make a Stuffed Bear

    In Course 13 you will make a cuddly stuffed bear. Since they're simple to sew, you'll end up making more than one with different fabrics giving them each their own character and mood. Then dress it up by sewing on buttons, ruffles, pearls, etc!

  • Course 14: Let's Make a Stuffed Hamburger

    In Course 14 you will make this unbelievable stuffed hamburger. This sewing project is extremely customizable-so make it how you really love to eat your burgers! Extraa cheese and onions...just saying.

  • Course 15: Let's Make a Wall Hanging

    In Course 15 you will learn how to sew these incredibly easy "pinwheels" or yo-yo's. After making several, you will sew them together to form a gorgeous wall hanging to brighten up any space you choose!

  • Course 16: Let's Make Retro Hanging Dice

    In Course 16 you will sew 2 dice that will hang from wherever you choose! Sewing cubes is simple and fun. But what makes creating these dice even more interesting, is seeing your results with your choice of fabrics!

  • Course 17: Let’s Make a Bed Caddy

    In Course 17 you'll make a bed caddy that's not only functional, but a great organization piece for your bedroom! You may think you may not need one-but I bet after you make it you'll use it every night. .

  • Course 18: Let’s Make a Hanging Organizer

    In Course 18 you'll think storage and organization as you make a hanging organizer for any room of your choice. Think about where you plan to hang this organizer and it just may help your fabric decisions become clearer. Remember you're the designer!

  • Course 19: Let’s Make a Snowman

    In Course 19 you'll work with fleece fabric, and also create winter accessories, to make this ridiculously cute snowman-but I suggest you make at least two of them! The snowman's hat is too big so it covers the eyes to add more cuteness.

  • Course 20: Let’s Make a Mama Duck with Ducklings

    In Course 20 you will create this oh-so adorable Mamma duck with her ducklings! You will work with super soft and cozy fleece, and also learn to attach safety eyes because things are getting real!

  • Course 21: Let's Use a Sewing Machine!

    In Course 21 you will learn how to use a sew machine-how exciting! The goal in this course is to learn to "control" your sewing as you press the machine pedal. We will be practicing on paper.

  • Course 22: Let's Practice Sewing on the Machine

    In this course you will practice sewing with the machine after you learn how thread it. You will sew basic pouches like we did in course 3-but this time on a sewing machine! Make as many pouches as you'd like until you feel super comfortable sewing.

  • Course 23: Let's Make a Shopper's Tote

    In this Course it's all about the shopper's tote! This is a super simple sewing project to continue practicing your sewing machine skills. I call them shopper's totes, but they can be used for anything you want like books, gift bags, storage, etc...

  • Course 24: Let's Make a Splashy Ball

    In Course 24 you will continue to practice sewing curves on the sewing machine by making a ball-or something like that! You can use less or more sections after getting the hang of it. This is the perfect project for all your left over fabric scraps!

  • Course 25: Let's Make a Lamby Pillow

    In Course 25 we are going to make a soft and cuddly Lamby Pillow! You'll be working with sherpa fleece to create this adorable pillow to give it that look. We'll be sewing a pillowcase where we will insert a standard bed pillow to finish it off!

  • Course 26: Let's Jazz Up Jeans

    In Course 26 you will apply all of your creative energy and jazz up a pair of jeans! This course is a bit different because my tutorial will inspire you-without a pattern-to do up your own design and style.

  • Course 27: Let's Make a Sweet Turtle

    In Course 27 you will make a super Sweet Turtle. Just like other courses, YOU are the designer here so choosing the fabrics for the pinwheel embellishments make this turtle special. Also, you will learn the simple technique of face sculpting.

  • Course 28: Let's Make a Cutie Patootie Monkey

    In Course 28 you will make an adorable monkey head with tail-because why not? Cute always wins and that's what this Cutie Patootie Monkey is! Get ready to choose fabrics you love to create your very own monkey.

  • Course 29: Let's Make a Flower Backpack

    In Course 29 you're making your very first backpack with us! This is exciting because you will learn how to sew a zipper and add adjusters to the straps. You won't believe how easy it is to make this flower backpack.

  • Course 30: Let's Make Cotton Candy

    In Course 30 you will make a cotton candy toy! Where else can you MAKE this except here? This is so exciting because you will also learn to create tufts in the cotton candy using a decorator's needle.

  • Course 31: Let's Make a Baby Yeti

    In Course 31 you will learn to work with a long pile fabric-fun and fluffy! And when choosing a fluffy fabric for this simple project, remember it doesn't have to be white. You can create the cutest Baby Yeti ever!

  • Course 32: Let's Make a Boo Boo Ghost

    In Course 32 you will make an adorable ghost plushie dressed up in a costume! This is a quick and easy make. Maybe your ghost will have more than one costume, so you can change up his look?

  • Course 33: Let's Make Christmas Elf Slippers

    In this course you will MAKE your very own customized Christmas Elf Slippers! You'll also learn how to work with fusible fleece to add thickness and padding to your adorable slippers!

  • Let's Make Cozy Slippers

    One time payment for UNLIMITED access to this course. In this course, you will make cozy indoor slippers for yourself or your houseguests. These slippers are extremely easy to sew together and also make a great gift.

  • Let's Make Dog & Owner Matching Bandana & Accessories

    In this course you'll learn to sew easy Christmas dog and owner matching bandanas and other accessories. How cute-you'll coordinate with your fur baby! I'll be showing you how to make a dog bow tie as well as other accessories.

  • Let's Make a Bangle Bracelet Wristlet

    In this Course we will make a Wristlet that will attach to a bangle bracelet you may already have in your accessories collection. Essentially this is a basic zipper pouch attached to a bangle, and you'll learn the simple method of sewing a zipper!

  • Let's Make a Tool Belt

    In this course you will make a versatile tool belt with one or two pocket panels-it's your choice! You'll also make the belt with a parachute buckle sewn in place. Now you'll be working in style as you stay organized!

  • Let's Make a Jackie Scooped Hobo Bag

    In this course you will create your own version of the designer inspired classic Jackie Scooped Hobo Bag. When making this classic bag, you'll learn how to apply grommets to fabrics, choose textiles expressing who you are and much more!

  • Let's Make an Eclectic Tote

    The Eclectic Tote is the perfect project combining hand and machine sewing skills. It also provides the opportunity to go through your fabric stash bringing together all of your favorite fabrics into one accessory. A definite conversation piece!

  • Let's Make a Fold Over Messenger Bag

    In this course you will be making a Fold Over Messenger Bag with zipper closure. The flowers are a happy addition but optional if you prefer simple. You'll learn to sew a zipper and also hand sew the decorative flower embellishments.

  • Let's Make a Hobo Tote with Chain Straps

    In this course you will make a hobo style bag with chain straps that can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody style. The bag also features a slip pocket inside for a phone, pen, etc. Your choice of fabrics determines the look and style you create!

  • Let's Make New Year's Party Clips

  • Let's Make a Jumbo Christmas Stocking

    In this course you will learn how to sew a very easy Jumbo Christmas Stocking. This extra large stocking measures at approximately 42" high x 24" wide. I use my jumbo Christmas stocking as part of my home Christmas decor and Christmas storage.

  • Let's Make a Dish Soap Bottle Dress

    In this course you will learn to work with lace and ribbon to make a fancy dish soap bottle dress!

  • Let's Make Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins

    In this course you will create stuffed fabric pumpkins for your home decor! You will choose your fabrics to create the fall look you love. And it's especially exciting to not only use actual twigs for the stems, but the extra decorative touches!

  • Let's Make a Hanging Storage Pod

    In this course you will make a simple yet very functional storage pod. This pod hangs anywhere you need storage to tidy up. Remember, you're the designer here, choose fabrics that coordinate and compliment your home decor.

  • Let's Make a Garden Pouf

    In this course you will apply your hand and machine sewing skills and make a stunning Garden Pouf. This is a full size pouf that is not only beautiful and unique, but filled with "upcycled" materials creating a functional and sturdy decor piece.

  • Let's Make a Garden Pillow

    In this course you will apply your basic hand and machine sewing skills and make a gorgeous Garden Pillow. Various flower and leaf patterns are provided, therefore you'll be making several decisions as you design a unique pillow of your imagination!

  • Let's Make a Pretty Placemat

    In this course you will make Pretty Placemets and you'll choose from one of four styles that best suits your taste. You'll also work with your sewing machine's decorative stitch to construct the placemats.

  • Let's Make a Banana Leaf Placemat

    In this course you will make a Banana Leaf Placemat creating an organic touch for your tabletop. Your choice of fabric will determine the final look coordinating with your home. Along with sewing you will also learn to topstitch and press fabrics.